The Bakery

We are so excited to introduce you to our friend George*! George* lives in Haiti and has ten years experience as a baker. Come to find out, he has also become a very good businessman! In March of 2016, OneIN partnered with George* by giving him an interest free loan to help expand his bakery. The bakery has grown so much that he now employs several people to help make the breads and pastries. Every time our team gets to visit the bakery they are amazed at how busy the place is, full of customers waiting to order their own breads. In February, George* completed his loan and has continued to run his business. He is now able to provide a stable income for his wife and three small children. He is now being empowered to reach for a better future. And we pray, that his heart is now being opened to the love and provision that only Jesus Christ can offer. Please pray for George* and his family as they move to the next chapter of their lives.

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