Sam and Vincy

Sam grew up in a Christian home. When he got old enough to choose a career, he decided against full-time ministry and instead chose a job he ended up disliking. Feeling unfulfilled and disappointed, he quit his job and decided to pursue pastoral ministry. Since then he has worked as a pastor, a church planter, and a professor. He now teaches church planting and missions classes at Lakeview Bible College and Seminary and pastors a church in Chennai. He also mentors church planters and other pastors and helps develop materials for gospel outreach. Sam is married to Vincy who is an eductor, too. She teaches Human Resource Management at a women's college in Chennai. They have an eight-year-old daughter named Bernice who is in the third grade. Sam and Vincy work together as a Trusted International Family (TIF) for OneIN. Sam says, "After knowing the impact of OneIN's ministries and hearing testimonies of beneficiaries, we immediately knew the blessings it adds into people’s lives." They enjoy their role in helping to empower the OneIN need in India. Thank you for making their work as TIFs possible!

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