A Night With OneIN

"Why are we still sending missionaries to the same places we've been sending missionaries for a century?" Amid door prizes, a beautiful dinner, and fellowshipping with friends of OneIN, Chris Alexander posed that question to all of those attending the OneIN banquet held on the evening of July 15. As Chris said, "Dependency is the awful legacy of too many of us who want to do good." He proceeded to tell the banquet attendees at Prime 47 in Indianapolis about how OneIN uses its unique model of fundraising and microfinance to mobilize Christians, empower the poor, and open doors for the Gospel. Rex Leonard, TIF Rex Leonard, visiting from Chennai, India, also told the story of how he and his wife got involved with OneIN's program and became a Trusted International Family (TIF), in charge of working with some of the loan recipients in India. He shared how OneIN's work has changed the lives of people in poverty. According to Rex, not only has OneIN's work influenced those who have received the loans, but it has opened his daughters' eyes to opportunities to help the poor around them. One of his girls now plans to attend medical school after she graduates and wants to be a doctor to work among poor communities in India.

The Boat

In addition to fellowship and fun, OneIN's goal for the evening was to raise $8000 to start the next small-business in Haiti. With these funds our Trusted International Partner will purchase a powerboat. Initially, the boat will be rented out to teams that come to Haiti on mission trips. When teams are not using the boat, Renal, a current OneIN interest free loan beneficiary, will have the opportunity to use the boat to expand his current lobster business. The most exciting part about this loan is the potential it brings for future small business start ups in Haiti. Once money starts being repaid, it creates pools of resources that can be revolved to help many other families in the area. THANK YOU to all who gave to fund this project. The boat has been fully funded and will be purchased within the next month. Thank you for your willingness to give to empower the poor.

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