Emmanuel Welding Works

Mr. Kannan and his wife are two of our TIF project participants. They have been married for over twenty years. For ten of those years, he has run his own welding shop, Emmanuel Welding Works. There he does small jobs for people in the community where the shop is located. Mrs. Kannan stays at home and cares for their two children, Hari and Meena. Hari is studying to be a caterer, and Meena is still in high school. Mr. Kannan loves his work, but he has been limited to taking small orders because he did not have the resources or machinery to handle larger ones. Since receiving a loan from OneIN, however, he has expanded his business. He bought new machinery and now takes larger orders. He has enhanced his work, and the extra income has gone to paying off his loan and helping his family. Thanks to OneIN supporters, the Kannan family's lives are a little easier, and Mr. Kannan has found even more pride in his business.

Unrelenting Heat Continues

The heat that hit Chennai earlier in the season has continued. With temperatures in the upper 90's, people are working hard to stay cool. This affects many of our contacts, as most of them do not have air conditioning and many do not have access to clean water. The heat is accompanied by an unusually dry season, so unless people have the money to buy water, they must stand in long lines to get water, bringing their own pots and containers to carry it home. These conditions can lead to the spread of disease and infections, so please keep our TIFs and projects in your prayers in the coming weeks, and pray for a break in the heat and drought!

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