Merry Christmas!

Jwaye Nowe!

"Jwaye Nowe!" means "Merry Christmas!" in Creole, the language of many Haitians. In Haiti, people share many of the traditions that we in the United States also observe: they decorate their homes with Christmas trees or pine branches, they clean their homes and make necessary repairs, and they display elaborate nativity scenes. In addition, Haitian children place their shoes under the porch and fill them with straw. They leave them there overnight in hopes that Santa will come and replace the straw with presents. Haitian people sometimes stay up late visiting one another and going to mass until the early morning hours. Because of that, people often sleep late on Christmas morning. Of course, people who have the resources to do so love to visit with friends and family and eat special Christmas dishes together. Please pray for our Haitian brothers and sisters to experience the joy and peace of Christmas this year!

Opportunities for 2018

2018 will bring many new opportunities for OneIN, and we want to take full advantage of every opportunity to reach out with the love of Christ. If you haven't completed your yearly charitable giving, please consider making a special gift to OneIN. Every penny of that gift will be used to fund more TIFs, strengthen our projects in India and Haiti, and possibly even start brand new projects in Uzbekistan and Rwanda. Your support makes those dreams possible! If you'd like to contribute, click here. Thank you for considering OneIN in your giving and for keeping the work of OneIN around the world in your prayers.

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