Rani's Expansion

Rani owns a coconut stand by the side of a busy street in Chennai. People stop during their commutes to choose a coconut. Rani cuts it open, inserts a straw, and hands the cocunut to them. They enjoy the fresh coconut water, which is thought to be healthy in addition to being refreshing, on their ride to work. A few years ago, Solomon and his wife Vimala, one of our TIFs, identified Rani as a reliable small business owner who could benefit from a OneIN loan. She received the loan and used it to expand her business. She purchased a new table and more supplies. She has done well enough to pay back her loan and request another loan to expand. She has now added watermellons to her business! Join us in praying for Rani, for her business, and for her safety since she spends every day standing beside a busy street. Thank you for the support that has made her expansion possible!

Prayer Requests

Please keep the following requests in your prayers: Pray for wisdom for our TIFs as they work with business owners in Chennai and various cities in Haiti. Pray that God will move in the hearts of those who receive OneIN loans. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

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