Small Businesses' Effect on Poverty

The Importance of Small Businesses OneIN exists to mobilize visionary people to empower the world's poor through business. Small businesses are important in communities around the world. We at OneIN are not the only ones who believe in the importance of strengthening small businesses. A British newspaper, The Guardian, stated in the 2015 article entitled "Are Small Businesses Being Overlooked in the Fight Against Poverty?" that small businesses hold quite a bit of power in developing countries. The article pointed out that entrepreneurs are already part of their communities and "are invested in the prosperity of their communities." Since these people are so immersed in their communities, the goods and services they provide often focus on the poor. This makes those living in poverty less dependent on aid. According to the Guardian, small businesses provide 78% of jobs in low-income areas. (Check out the Guardian article by clicking here). Women Entrepreneurs Small business owners have a lot to gain by strengthening the economy of these areas. If their communities prosper, they do, too. Their success has a ripple effect--they strengthen other businesses by buying supplies from them, they pay taxes, and, as stated, they provide jobs. One key thing happens that often goes unnoticed. These small businesses are often owned or run by women, and these women business owners employ other women. Empowering women strengthens and provides for families and enables children to grow up in cleaner, more stable environments. Women tend to invest their earnings into their children, educating them and enabling them to continue the positive trajectory in future generations. An Open Door At OneIN, we hope to take these improvements a step beyond just economic and educational opportunities. We believe that when people are able to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, and education, they will then look to meet their spiritual needs. Our work allows entrepreneurs consistent contact with Christians who love them and know about the saving work of Jesus. These are important relationships, and we pray that God uses them daily.


Prayer Requests

Please keep the following requests in your prayers: Pray for both the entrepreneurs who are working to start and improve small businesses around the world. Pray for the women who own small businesses and are working to improve conditions for their children and other family members. On this Mother's Day weekend, pray for moms around the world who struggle to feed and provide for their children. Pray for the communities affected by the small businesses in the OneIN family. Pray that God will move in the hearts of those who receive OneIN loans. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

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