Epiphany Music School Grows

In the spring of 2017, Saroj used a loan from OneIN to open a music school and teach private music lessons to people in his home region of Darjeeling. He struggled his first year. From the school being situated in a difficult location to students leaving because of family problems or to focus on school work, the school took time to get its footing. Strikes and rioting also affected his clients. After a year of hard work and moving to a better area, Saroj reports that his music school is flourishing! "All together I have taught 45 students from the time I started this school," Saroj says. "Among them were school students, working men, a church’s worship leader, and housewives." He also served as a mentor to a group of believers actively involved in ministry in their church and organized a summer music camp for children in May and June. In addition to running the music school, Saroj is helping his pastor and serves in the youth ministry and music ministry at his church. At present, there are fourteen students regularly taking lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays, but Saroj plans to hire another teacher and begin offering lessons every day of the week. As his business grows, so does his ability to work with people who want to learn how to use their talent in music and his chance to be a light in the lives of his students. Thank you for your help grow Saroj's business and his ministry!

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