Dinesh's Buffalo Expansion

Dinesh is a first-generation Christian who has a passion for ministry. In 2015, he received a loan from OneIN. He used that loan to purchase a water buffalo and began to sell milk from the buffalo, using the proceeds to feed the buffalo and to support his family. This freed him financially so he could focus on ministry opportunities and gave his family confidence in his ability to support himself while working in ministry. Dinesh paid back his originial loan within two years of having received it. His buffalo is doing well, giving nine kilograms of milk per day, enough to support itself and Dinesh's family with the proceeds. Not only is the buffalo healthy, but she is pregnant! Soon Dinesh will have a baby buffalo that he can raise to sell or keep for milk, doubling his business. He has maintained his ministry and now oversees five cell churches. He coaches fifteen children. Dinesh asks for prayers for himself, his family, his buffalo, and his ministry. Pray for the health of the buffalo and the calf since she previously gave birth to a calf that did not survive. Thank you for continuing to support Dinesh with your prayers and thank you for our dedication to the mission of OneIN, enabling us to empower people like Dinesh. Through him and his water buffalo, we are changing the lives of fifteen children and multiple families in India!

Prayer Requests Pray for Dinesh and his family and the impact he has on the people in his region. Pray for the people in the churches and youth group Dinesh oversees. Pray for the water buffalo and for the calf waiting to be born. Pray for the communities affected by the small businesses in the OneIN family. Pray for our ministry around the world, for wisdom, and for good partners. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

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