Karthik's family has pastored a church in a village a few hours from Chennai for many years. His father started the church after he lived and worked in Korea many years ago. Since then, the church has grown to approximately 50 regular attenders and 80 total believers in the community, and Karthik attended seminary in order to train for the ministry. He now preaches in the church, which meets in a building on the family's property. In 2015, Karthik recieved a OneIN loan to purchase a cow. He began selling the milk and using it to help support his parents and siblings so that they could all work in the ministry. Before long, he purchased two more cows and began using a field nearby to plant crops that he used to feed the cattle. The crops also helped feed his family. By August 2017, Karthik's cattle had begun to reproduce, and he had four cows. Unfortunately, one of the calves was bitten by a cobra and died. He had hoped to sell one of the calves, but a few days after the first died, the second also died. His mother has now been diagnosed with cancer, and Karthik has struggled to produce much on his farm. The weather has been very hot with little rain, so the two cattle that remain must be fed by other means. In this season of hardship, Karthik has continued to faithfully repay his loan and run his business with the remaining cows. He hopes to continue his farm and that rains will increase in a way that will improve productivity. Please keep him and his family in your prayers in the coming months as they run the milk business and minister to those around them!

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