Jlessi's Tea and Vegetable Stand

Who is Jlessi? Jlessi started her own business selling coal and puffed rice several years ago. She is the sole supporter of her eleven-year-old son and her mother, so she needed to increase her income to care for them. In 2016, Jlessi got a small loan from OneIN and expanded her shop to sell tea, snacks, and vegetables. Before long, she had paid off her loan and had grown her shop to sell groceries and provisions as well. Jlessi's Business We are proud to report that as of December, Jlessi's shop had grown so much that she put her sister and her mother in charge of it so that she could concentrate on opening another small vegetable stand in the market! As Rex reports, "Jlessi is a great example as a sincere and hard worker. No wonder she is able to expand her business in such a manner!" Jlessi's Prayer Requests Jlessi asks for prayer for her business, that she would continue to run it efficiently so that it can grow. She also asks for prayer for her son's grades since he will soon take exams in school and for her health. She suffers with asthma. Thank you for your prayers and for helping make Jlessi's dream of being a successful small business owner and caring for her son well financially a reality!

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