Freddy's Chickens

Freddy's father owns chickens. He raises and sells them to his community in Chennai and knows a lot about caring for them. Freddy approached OneIN in 2017 with a business plan for starting his own chicken business, and his father agreed to advise him. Demand for chickens is high, so Freddy was sure he could do well in his new venture. Since receiving the loan a year ago, Freddy's chicken business has experienced ups and downs, as all new businesses do. One month, many of his chickens contracted an illness and died. However, as a whole, the business has grown and has provided enough income to consistently pay on the loan from OneIN and supplement the family's income when their paychecks are not enough. The customer base has increased, and, as Freddy says, "A lot of people prefer to buy chickens from us over the other chicken businesses." Freddy's business has even grown strong enough that he and his family have opened a restaurant! They ask for our prayers for their work and for their chickens. Thank you for helping Freddy make his chicken business and restaurant dream reality.

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