Anjoylyne's Beauty Parlor

Meet Anjoylyne, one of our TIF beneficiaries in India! While her husband goes each day to work as a daily wage laborer, she uses her beautician skills to run a small business from her home. In 2018, she recieved an interest-free loan in order expand her beauty shop, purchasing items and equipment that needed replaced. She has finished repaying her interest-free loan and continues to successfully run her business! Over the past few months, she shared with her Trusted International Family (TIF) Rex and Margreenda, that if she were to move her parlor to a location closer to the main road where there is more traffic, she would be able to increase her client base. Many have expressed that it is hard for them to come since the salon is in her home. Anjoylyne is now working through ways to make a move to a different location, at which time she may ask for second interest-free loan. We are proud of Anjoylyne for continuing to run this business as a way to increase her families income, and we are excited to see her planning for future growth. She is really starting to think like a strong business owner! OneIN is excited to see what Anjoylyne will be able to do in the future, as she is empowered to break the cycle of poverty in her family's life!

It's More Than Luck

"Good luck!" "It was just pure luck!" How many times do we hear people talk about luck. We often think of good things happening to us as something out of our control, something that happens as a result of luck, instead of something we can affect. At OneIN, we don't believe in luck. What happens to us in our lives is a combination of a lot of different things. Some of those things are out of our control. For example, we cannot choose where we are born, the parents and families we have, or our genetic make up. Those are things given to us by God, and he works within those parameters to make us into the people we will become. Other things are results of our own decisions. We decide whether we stay where we were born or move, how we treat our families, and how we care for our health. God can work in us to help us make these decisions. When people believe in luck, they feel powerless to influence their situations. They try to control them by performing little rituals like wearing a lucky shirt or buying a lottery ticket with their lucky numbers on it, but in reality these things do nothing to improve their lives. When they stop thinking about these things in terms of luck or chance and begin realizing that God controls all things and empowers us, they begin to use their resources better. They rely on him for wisdom and work to make their lives better. That's where we come in. OneIN strives to help people who want to work hard and build their own small businesses. We love to see people use the loans we provide to improve their life situations. People who can support their own children and care for their families are able to reflect on where their blessings come from. They are led to seek the one who has provided for them. Thank you for helping people use everything God has given them to improve their lives and grow in their understanding of him!

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