Abam's Carpentry Business

Abam (short for Abamutskhem), his wife, and their two daughters live in Shillong, India, where Abam runs a carpentry business out of a car shed. He began his business by taking small orders from friends and family, but he soon saw that he could expand it if he had better equipment. Through Rex and Magreenda, Abam requested a loan to purchase an electrical planer. His business increased immediately, and he was able to pay

back his loan quickly. After paying back his first loan, Abam requested a second loan and used it to purchase a circular saw, router, and planer machine. He began to get orders from a construction company, which grew his business even more. As Rex put it, "His business has grown quite substantially to the point where he has orders from schools and many friends of his earlier and loyal customers." He recently requested another loan, this time to acquire a band saw. This is an expensive piece of equipment, but it will help him expand his business. According to Rex, "He designs and makes entire modular kitchen sets and cupboards." He reports that Abam's friends and family are happy to see his business grow, and we here at OneIN are also happy to know that Abam is able to provide carpentry services to an ever-expanding clientele while also making his dreams of owning a growing business a reality. Thank you for partnering with OneIN to help meet the goals of Abam and his family!

Easter At Easter, Christians around the world celebrate the most important event in history: the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In places where people know and love Jesus, they celebrate this day by gathering together to worship and praise him. As we celebrate this holy time, we remember that Jesus came to Earth, died, and rose again for all people. He did not just die for Americans or for the influential or wealthy. He died for the smallest, least influential person alive as well. “He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces.” (Isaiah 25:8)

Prayer Requests

Please keep the following requests in your prayers: Pray for Abam and continued growth of his carpentry business. Pray for people around the world to come to know and love Jesus Christ this Easter season. Pray for our TIFs around the world. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

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