Making A Difference

Whether we want to mentor and guide a

child in our lives, influence the future for

our families, lose weight, or even just get a better house or car, we feel motivated to work harder when we feel the desire to make a difference. At OneIN, we are driven to make a difference in the lives of people living in poverty situations. Slowly but surely, we see changes in people's lives as a result of the work of our Trusted International Families (TIFs) around the world.

Revathi Revathi is a 25-year-old mother of two young children. She runs a small shop out of her hut and there sells staples like milk and eggs, as well as candy and snacks. She received a loan from OneIN and is using it to expand and stabilize her business, strengthening her family's financial situation. Pangajam Pangajam also owns a small shop. He was struggling to maintain it and had almost decided to close the shop when he received a loan from OneIN. As a result, he says, "Slowly my business picked up, and now we have money to run the family and also save every month for the future. A very big thanks to God for OneIN!" Seguna Seguna tells of his experience: "After my father’s death, I had to take care of my family. I started a small shop but needed some financial aid...Now with the help of the Lord through OneIN, my small business is steadily growing and I have a guaranteed profit every month. Praise to God for OneIN. I pray that God would bless everyone who is involved in OneIN ministry.” Uma Uma is a widow with two children. She received a loan from OneIN and used it to purchase two cows. Now she sells the milk and uses the money to support her children.

If you ever wonder if your life makes a difference, rest assured that through your support of OneIN and your prayers, you are making a difference!

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