Read more about the creative ways we partner with others around the world to empower the OneIN need through business below...

"We are so grateful to OneIN for making us channels of grace...

It brings our family great joy to see these people being helped. They now show so much confidence and joy."

Rex, TIF Member, India

Trusted International Families

Because trust is such a foundational component in development and ministry OneIN works hard to ensure that there are competent national mentors in place to assist in identifying and overseeing all of our small business-based projects. Trusted International Families (TIFs) are a growing number of volunteers who are known and respected community and church leaders, that have a heart to both empower the OneIN need and spread the good news about Christ. 

Once TIFs are selected they receive a small development grant, which allows them to function as a practical extension of OneIN. They are then responsible to utilize their personal networks to identify specific needs, provide encouragement and training, distribute funds in the form of interest-free loans and then monitor and report on progress. Once repayment begins, funds can be revolved allowing the TIF to assist other individuals in need.